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Hi there.  Welcome.

Come on in, grab a cuppa, let’s have a chat; as old friends and new friends do.

Do you ever find that life doesn’t always work out like the movies and the magazines show us?  Do you ever feel a bit discouraged that your life isn’t matching the “dream life” you had in mind?  Me too!

This little space here at Contented Mum is a haven of “extraordinary coming out of the ordinary”; a bit like the Phoenix rising from the ashes (but slightly less magical) as I pick my way towards that dream life.  Finding the “Wow”, the joy, the bliss, and the serenity in amongst the chaos, mud and noise that is our home and lifestyle.  Taking moments to appreciate all the good stuff I do have, creating memories with my family, and having a blast along the (sometimes) wild ride called “Life”.

This is me: Ellie.  Pleased to meet you!

Caught in the act of one of my favourite things: eating cake (quite partial to biscuits and chocolate too!). I enjoy food, especially calorie laden stuff, so I am afraid you probably won’t find me blogging about diets and nutrition . . . but there might be cake!  I cannot claim to be a fitness fanatic either, so if you are looking for a fitness blog, you really are lost.  Sorry.

I have a lovely Hubby, who I sometimes share my cake with.  We have been together since 2004, and married in 2009.  He is my go to guy for all things man-related; you know, the stuff guys should just be able to get on and do (computers, maintenance, cooking, car stuff, keeping me in chocolate supplies, oh, and housework).  I am very lucky to share life with him. We have quite a giggle as we go grey together!

Most of my life follows the chaos and noise created by my two darling boys.  The oldest, “Ninja”, is 10 years old, and the youngest, “SuperHero”, is 9 years old.  Close in age and very close friends; sometimes people ask me if they are twins.  They are a huge part of my life as we home-educate.  If it’s not enough fun just having two boys in the house, think of the joy I have as I encourage them to learn stuff!

Having boys you have to be prepared to get out there, get involved and enjoy stuff.  I like to call these moments “adventures”.  Having grown up with two sisters, I like to join in as much of the boy-fun as I can.

And sometimes, you just need to join in the fun ’cause you can!

So, this is what you’ll find here at “Contented Mum”.  An ordinary mum, home-educating her boys whilst trying to make memories, have adventures, ignore the housework, and generally do things in life that makes it all worth while.

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