The #1 Reason Why We Home-Educate



We had never even heard of home-education or home-schooling when we began our journey.  We had no idea how to do it or whether it was even a legal option for us (we’re in the United Kingdom).  We’d only had one touch-stone of this way to educate once when we viewed a house and the outgoing residents were home-educators; that was the first time we’d even heard of home-schooling.

We found ourselves at a decision point in life where we had to make a decision for our children that would, in fact, turn out to be “life-changing”.  We’d previously made a very careful choice about the way our children were educated, and chose a particular school that we hoped would suit our children’s needs.  We thought – that’s what you do, isn’t it?  Send your children to school to be educated.

The Catalyst for Change

We slowly and painfully discovered that our child did not “fit” in school.  We watched him go from being ‘happy and outgoing’ to ‘anxious and frustrated’.  His school reports went from ‘eager and intelligent’ to ‘disengaged and struggling’.  We were spending more and more time at home with him, “re-teaching” the things he hadn’t been able to learn at school.  Life, for all of us, became a miserable battle of “just getting through it”.

What All Parent’s Do – Putting Our Children First:

The Decision to Home-Educate

Our child was struggling.  Our child was unhappy.  We had to do what was right for our child.  We had to step up as parents, fight our child’s corner for him and make a tough decision.

We needed to find a way to end the misery and frustration our child was facing, and re-engage him in the wonderful adventure of learning.

I’d been helping him at home with his education after the normal school hours, which had been going well.  We asked ourselves, “Why not just do that, just home-educate and cut out the ‘school part’?”  So we did!

And that, right there, that decision: “To put our children’s needs first”, is our #1 reason why we home-educate.  It was our reason to start, and our reason to continue these past five years.

That decision was the start of a journey that changed our lives, for the better.  That journey hasn’t always been easy, but the decision to take that path was perfect for our children, and perfect for our family.  We have our ‘happy and outgoing’ boy back, and I am a Contented Mum!

Other fabulous reasons to home school

As we looked into home-education and home schooling and did our due-diligence and research, we found there seems to be as many reasons to home-educate as there are families home-educating.

Here is a round up of some stories from other very lovely home-educating families to share their reasons for homeschooling, and a website, that will give you a different insight.

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Further details as to why people may choose to home-educate can be found on this website.


So this was just our journey and reason for home-educating.  After five years it still holds true and we wouldn’t change a thing.

What is your reason for home-educating / home-schooling?  Leave a comment below; your contribution may help another family understand how diverse the home-ed community is.